Meet the 2015 INFINITI QX80


Spring is here again. If you have been thinking about investing in a new vehicle to replace the aging car you currently drive, your local INFINITI dealer has a lineup of quality sports and family vehicles perfect for your personal and professional needs.

One of the newest vehicles on the market for this year, the 2015 INFINITI QX80 includes all the extras and amenities you would expect from a car that’s part of the Infiniti family of fine vehicles, along with a few new design elements that drew the attention of buyers during the 2014 New York auto show. 

The new 2015 INFINITI QX80 is the latest update to the 2014 INFINITI QX80, a popular model with new car buyers and sports vehicle drivers around the world during the last few years. Below we talk about the new style and changes to the remodeled and designed 2015 INFINITI QX80.

A New Look for 2015

The new 2015 INFINITI QX80 looks different from the front, with a mesh grille, redesigned front headlights, and a lower bumper similar to the INFINITI Q50 sedan. The rear portion has been updated with stylish LED tail lights and a lower rear bumper that adds visual appeal.

An Interior that Looks and Feels Great

The 2015 INFINITI QX80 includes new interior trim colors and features to help drivers operate the vehicle more safely at night or any time they’re heading down the road to work or play. Engineers and designers added a feature to help manage headlight operation, called High Beam Assist, and Predictive Forward Collision Warning, which warns drivers of a possible collision with another vehicle. INFINITI has split the packages available to aid drivers into two different types referred to as Driver Assist and Deluxe Technology packages.

INFINITI QX80 Limited – 2015 INFINITI QX80


Infiniti has also added the most luxurious QX80 ever made this year, called the INFINITI QX80 Limited, with all of the amenities and extras a sports car lover needs in order to drive safely and at ease, while catching envious glances along the way. 

The INFINITI QX80 Limited is a hot vehicle, with stunning lights on both ends of the car highlighting the ground beneath stylish running boards, startling 22-inch wheels, and a dark chrome trim that gives this one-of-a-kind INFINITI QX80 a truly unique appeal that new car buyers will love.

New car buyers can select from six different exterior colors for their new INFINITI QX80 Limited, including three different color shades for a vehicle with a look and appeal unlike any other. 

Inside the new INFINITI QX80, designers added soft brown leather for the seats, attractive grills for the speakers, and stunning trim for the door panels and dashboard.


The new INFINITI QX80 includes all the standard safety features and space-age amenities you would expect, along with a few items you don’t see in every new sports vehicle. Engineers added the ability to adjust seating using 10 different settings, heated captain’s seats in the second row, temperature control throughout the various zones, and the ability to monitor the view on all sides of the vehicle. 

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