Audio Books

Listening to a good story has been a favorite pastime since childhood. Whether it was your teacher, parent, or grandparent, telling stories is a way for us to connect with each other. As an adult, listening to stories is reserved for time spent on the morning commute through Denville and surrounding communities.

Best Audio Books Denville NJSalerno Duane Infiniti knows how much you value your time, so we’ve taken some of ours to create a list of our most recommended audio books for a long commute.

Still Foolin’ Em: Where I’ve been, Where I’m going, and Where the Hell are My Keys? is Billy Crystal’s comedic biography. At 65, Crystal shares his serious perspective of aging in a lighthearted way. His stories include his career, family, and love life, and is likely not appropriate for the kids.

Yes Please is a recent release from Amy Poehler. As an actress, producer, and writer Amy Poehler is best known for her role on Saturday Night Live. In this comedic biography, Poehler gives comedic and detailed personal stories on love, sex, friendship, and parenthood. Yes Please is her first book and is a pretty equal mix of completely silly and useful life advice.

Gray Mountain is John Grisham’s latest masterpiece about a small town with big secrets. As a well-known suspense and legal thriller writer, Grisham writes about a big-time lawyer who gets laid off and ends up in a small coal town called Brady. There she’s swept up in a dangerous legal battle that has her wondering about her choice to take the on-year internship. The town’s dangerous secrets, and unwelcoming locals will have listeners sweating and wondering if she’ll make it out alive.

Leaving Time is about a 13-year-old girl working with a has-been psychic and an alcoholic detective to find her mother, who’s been missing for over 10 years. Jodi Picoult’s newest mystery brings up uncomfortable truths about animal and human behavior with surprising twists. In true Picoult fashion, listeners will not be disappointed with the ending.

Fifty Shades of Grey is a bestselling romance novel by writer British native E.L. James. As he
r first novel, Fifty Shades made a splash and is being made into a movie to be released on Valentine’s Day in 2015. Women around the world swooned over the enigmatic Christian Grey, and imagined themselves as the innocent Ana Steele. In true romance fashion, Fifty Shades is full of risqué, detailed intimate scenes and is definitely not one to listen to during the Parsippany-Troy Hills carpool.

Best Audio Books NJDreamers & Deceivers: True Stories of the Heroes and Villains Who Made America is political pundit, Glenn Beck’s latest offering. Writing about the stories of Edwin Armstrong, Walt Disney, Lucille Ball, Woodrow Wilson, Steve Jobs, Alan Turing, Alger Hiss, Upton Sinclair, Desi Arnaz, Lee de Forest, and Charles Ponzi, Beck weaves well-known stories with little-known facts to enlighten listeners on the true history of America.

Book and music preferences are definitely personal, so if none of these are to your liking, don’t be afraid to ask family, friends, and work buddies what they’ve read lately. Maybe there’s an audio book version that you can pick up at a local bookstore or library. Anything that makes the morning Rockaway Township commute a little more enjoyable is definitely worth checking out.