Automotive Pet Saftey

Automotive Pet Saftey
A recent visitor to Salerno Daune INFINITI of Denville

Are you putting your family or pet’s safety at risk?
by Mitch Kalmus

How many of us remember the day when there were no Seatbelt Laws, or remember not riding in a car seat as a child?  I may be dating myself,  but I do on both counts.  My Dad,  a retired, disabled Parsippany Police Officer back in the late 1960’s, early 1970’s was injured in a car accident on his way to a call.  Back then police most cars had bench seats.  The seatbelts in these cars were fastened to the back floor and fed through the seat.  In my Dad’s case the seat broke free from the frame forcing him forward into the steering wheel and dashboard.   If my Dad had been wearing his seatbelt,  the further injuries he could have sustained could have been fatal.  For that reason my dad was not aggressive in making my brother or I wear a seatbelt.  Though I got my license in the mid 1980’s, my first car, was a 1974 Ford Grand Torino with a bench seat.  Therefore I have to admit when the  New Jersey Seatbelt Law passed back in 1984 I was not quick to adapt.  Today over 25 years later with a wife, 3 children, (one of which is driving) and 2 dogs,  I am very strict with my children about safety in the car.  This brings me to the question of the day,  What do you think of the New Jersey’s requirement to restrain your pet while traveling in the car?

The family and staff here at Salerno Duane INFINITI of Denville have always considered our pets family.  With that in mind we whole heartedly believe in keeping our furry friends safe.  We have all said or heard that cars and material things can be replaced,  however life whether it human or not cannot ever be replaced.  For that reason we ask that you do whatever is in your power to keep your family and pets safe while traveling in the car.

If you are in the area and perhaps in the market for a new or used automobile,  feel free to stop in,  kick a few tires and quiz the sale pros here at Salerno Duane INFINITI on all of safety and security that INFINITI has to offer.

And yes your furry friends and kids are welcome to visit too.  We are conveniently located on the Eastbound side of Route 10 in Denville, NJ just a short drive from Bridgewater, Clifton and Summit.  For more info call (973) 361-6700.