5 Signs of Brake Failure

You sure do not want to be driving around Parsippany-Troy Hills, Denville or Rockaway Township and have your brakes go out. Odds are, your car is already giving you warning signs that your brakes are getting ready to go out and that you should have them checked. Here are some common signs of brake failure.

Brake Pedal Goes Down Further

5 brake failure signs You push on your brake pedal a lot, and so you should be able to get the feel for what it is like normally. If you start to find you need to push your pedal down more and more, this can be an indication that it is time to get your brakes changed.

Having to push the pedal down more means that your calipers are having to pump more fluid into the system to get the breaking power you are demanding. This means that your brake pads are now worn down to the point where you can feel it in the pedal. If you find yourself having to push down to the floor to stop, head to the service experts at Salerno Duane INFINITI immediately for brake repair and service.

That Squealing Noise

Has your car developed a high pitched squeal every time you go to brake? That is the sound of your brake pads telling you it is time to get them replaced. Brake pads are actually designed with a small metal tab that will rub on your rotors when the pads wear down far enough. This is to warn the driver that the pads are in need of replacement. If you start to hear a squealing noise, your pads need to be replaced.

That Horrible Grinding Noise

5 signs of brake failureIf you ignore the squealing noise long enough it will eventually go away, only to be replaced with an even worse grinding noise. That noise is the sound of the rivets grinding into your car’s rotors. This indicates that damage is being done to your car. The time for putting off your brake replacement has passed and you need to get over to a repair shop quickly. Otherwise, you may need to replace the pads and the rotors, which can get very expensive.

The Brake Pedal Shakes

You may start to feel some vibration or pushback from your brakes when you push on them. This can indicate that your pads are wearing uneven or that your rotors have warped. Either way, you will want to have this looked at by a professional as this can indicate more serious problems.

Strange Fluid Under Your Wheels

Brakes are a hydraulic system which means that they use fluid to compress the pads to stop your car. If you notice pools of fluid underneath your tires or just behind them, this can be an indication that your brakes are leaking brake fluid and should head to the service department at Salerno Duane INFINITI for a fluid check.

Stop by Salerno Duane INFINITI to have your brakes checked in the Parsippany-Troy Hills, Denville or Rockaway Township areas. We can get you all fixed up and back on the road in no time!

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