How Do I Know When to Change My Brake Pads?

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When you’re driving down the road and need to slow down or stop, the last thing you want is for your brakes not to work or to slow your vehicle inefficiently. There are several brake wear indicators that will help you know when you need to chance your brake pads.

Brakes are not the most noticeable portion of your car, but they are one of the most crucial parts. Paying attention to brake wear indicator items can mean the difference between having an accident and staying safe. Here are a few indications that you need to have your brake pads changed.

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Strange Sounds When Braking

Brake Wear Indicator Denville NJIt is best not to play music too loudly when you are driving, especially if you fear your brakes are starting to go bad. When you press on the brakes, listen to how they sound without other noises distracting you. A strange sound when you brake can indicate a brake pad issue.

If you hear a high-pitched squeal when you are braking, your pads probably need to be replaced. The sound can be subtle and you might even have to roll your window down to fully hear it.

If you hear a harsh grinding instead of the squeal, your brake pads could be completely gone and you need to have them replaced immediately before you damage your rotors.

A Pulling Feeling

If you feel like your car has a mind of its own and keeps pulling you in directions other than those you are trying to go, it might be the braking system. Bad brakes can cause friction on one wheel and not the others, which could pull you over to that side.

Pulling does not always mean your brakes are bad. If your car pulls, it could be bad tires, poor alignment or a few other issues. But in the event that is your brakes causing the pulling, you will want to stop by the Salerno Duane Infiniti: NJ INFINITI Dealer service department to get it checked out.


When to Change My Brake PadsIf you have to pull an emergency stop, a brake wear indicator is vibration. When your anti-lock brakes engage, you will always feel a rapid brake pedal pulsing as the system quickly applies the rotor repeatedly to slow the car. But beyond that pulsing, you should not have any vibration.

A vibrating brake indicates warped rotors, which can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the pads. The uneven surface will wear the pads away in certain locations and put them under greater stress.

Unreliable Pedal

The brake pedal itself can tell you when it’s time to go in for a workup. If the pedal has to be pushed all the way to the floor to work, a brake wear indicator is in effect. If you notice the pedal changing in how touchy it is, this is also an indication.

If you need to have your car serviced because of brake wear indicator items or any other reason, you should head to 3103 Rt. 10 East in Denville, NJ. The service department is open from 9am-8pm Monday through Thursday and 9am-6pm on Friday and Saturday. When you want to keep your new or used INFINITI tuned up and ready to go at all times, this service center is the right place to go.