Buyers Travel 197 Miles to buy from Salerno Duane INFINITI of Denville

Tuesday morning Patty and Mark woke up, logged on to their computer and began to search for the INFINITI model they finally decided  to purchase.  To their dismay they never imagined that they could not find the INFINITI G25X locally.  After doing a search they found just 2 dealers, both over 100 miles away that had New INFINITI G25X  just the way they wanted.

They immediately contacted both dealers online and heard back from both dealers.  However,  after receiving a call from Internet Sales Manager, Kevin Tonero,  there was no question in their mind.  With that,  they hopped into their 2009 Hyundai Sonata and drove 197 miles from Montrose, Pennsylvania to Salerno Duane INFINITI in Denville, NJ.

After a few short hours they were back in the car driving home.  The difference being they were now driving home in their new,  2012 INFINITI G25X.

84% of all auto shoppers begin their automotive buying process online.  Most if not all car dealerships have some sort of system in place to handle sales leads and questions of online shoppers,  but what shoppers are not aware of is that all dealerships do not handle the lead, question, presentation and sales process in the same fashion.  Sure,  if you walk into a dealership,  you will certainly be greeted and assisted by a sales person that more than likely will assist you from test drive to delivery of your new car.  However,  when it comes to online car shopping all dealers do not handle the process the same.  At Salerno Duane INFINITI there are just 2 Internet Managers,  Kevin Tonero and Don Nardone.  Not only will Kevin and or Don assist you by answering all of your questions online or by phone,  but once you decide to visit Salerno Duane INFINITI in person,  Kevin or Don will continue to assist you from the time you walk in our door to the time you drive out in your New or Pre-Owned Infiniti.

Salerno Duane INFINITI knows that customers have choices.  For that reason we have recently adapted a new tag line,  “Because its your choice”
More than likely customers would not necessarily choose to travel 197 miles to purchase a new car.  however before leaving,  Mark told Kevin,  that he had lived locally and knew someone looking to purchase an INFINITI he would happily refer Kevin and Salerno Duane.  Referrals are indeed a choice we are always pleased that we not only met but exceeded customer expectations.


by Mitch Kalmus