Car Care Tips for Autumn


NJ Autumn Car Care Tips

Autumn is the perfect time for automotive maintenance and repair.

  • Follow the manufacturer’s service intervals in your owner’s manual.
  • Carry emergency gear: boots, gloves, ice scraper, flares, a blanket, high-energy snacks, shovel, tire chains, flashlight, a few tools, and a cell phone.
  • Replace your wiper blades and keep plenty of washer fluid in your vehicle.
  • Replace worn tires with snow tires or all-season radials. Also, check the spare tire and the tire jack.
  • Fix engine problems before the cold weather starts, such as rough idling, poor acceleration, or hard stops. You will get better gas mileage as well.
  • Make sure the defroster and heater work well. Have the exhaust system examined for leaks.
  • Have the battery, cables, radiator, hoses, and belts checked.
  • The cooling system/radiator should be completely flushed and refilled. The level, condition, and concentration of the coolant/antifreeze should be checked periodically.
  • DO NOT remove the radiator cap until the engine is completely cooled.

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