When Should I Change My Air and Fuel Filter?

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All of the filters in your INFINITI are designed to keep harmful pollutants out of your the parts of your vehicle where fluid and air flows. These parts include the most important parts of your vehicle, such as your engine, fuel lines, radiator and several other parts. When you allow the filter to become dirty or clogged, it will no longer be able to perform its designed purpose. As a result, you could have decreased performance or even a damaged engine in your car. The best solution is to have a car filter change at the manufacturer’s suggested intervals. The following information is designed to address when you should have your air and fuel filters changed.

How Often Should I Have My Car Filter Changed? 

When do I change my filters?Typically, it is suggested that you have your car filters changed every 12,000 miles or 12 months. However, it’s important you check and understand your owner’s manual for your car since it has specific information about changing your vehicle’s filter.

The Importance of the Car Filter Change: Fuel Filter 

Simply put, the cleaner your fuel system, the more efficiently the system will operate. Even a small reduction in the flow of fuel can reduce the overall fuel economy and performance of the vehicle. When you have a new filter installed, it will typically result in an increase in performance and increase in fuel efficiency. Considering the cost of gas, it’s important to have a clean fuel filter operating in your vehicle.

The Importance of the Car Filter Change: Air Filter 

Just as your car needs fuel, it must have fresh air. Your vehicle’s air filter is responsible for keeping the inside of the engine free of dust and insects. When you replace your fuel and air filters, you effectively enhance the performance of your vehicle and elongate the life of the vehicle. It’s important to change a car filter because it keeps the harmful debris from preventing your vehicle from running properly. At the same time, these filters ensure your vehicle runs more efficiently. The cleaner your filter, the more the vehicle will have maximum air and fluid flow through the system. Similar to a clogged drain, a dirty filter prevents the system from having the necessary fluid and air. In addition, a dirty filter will cause the system to work harder to perform its job.

Signs to Replace Your Air Filter

When your air filter is dirty, your engine will have less power. If you notice a decreased throttle response, increased engine wear, and decreased throttle response, you should have your air filter replaced immediately.

Signs to Replace Your Fuel Filter 

When do I change my fuel filters?When you notice your vehicle has sluggish engine performance or reduced fuel efficiency, you should have the fuel filter replaced. The best solution is to not wait until you start to notice these signs. Instead, it is suggested to have your fuel filter replaced on a regular bases. Failure to do so could result in a clogged fuel injector, which could cause your engine to stop working.

Instead of taking chances on a major and expensive engine failure, it’s important to have a car filter change on a regular basis. When it’s time for a car filter change on your INFINITI, trust Salerno Duane Infiniti. We are a premier INFINITI dealer serving Denville, Parsipany, Morristown, Basking Ridge, West Orange, and Mt.OliveTownship in NJ. Salerno Duane INFINITI is conveniently located at 3102 RT. 10 East Denville, NJ 07834 and has the following hours of operation:

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