Changing your Fluids in time for Summer

All vehicles require proper maintenance, but with summer around the corner and long drives to the beach or the mountains likely, you’ll need to do a proper check of your car’s key fluids to make sure you won’t end up stuck on the side of the road.


When was the last time you had an oil change? Were the leaves changing colors? Then chances are you need to change your oil.

Anyone can change their own oil with a little instruction. All you have to do is move your car to a flat location, locate your oil pan, slide a wide-mouthed catch pan under the plug (the small bolt in the oil pan), grab a wrench, and remove the plug. Be sure not to lose the plug in the oil because you’ll need to reinstall that in the oil pan once it’s finished draining.

Then all you need to do is change your oil filter and refill the oil.

Depending on what vehicle you drive, the type of oil and the amount you put in your car will vary, so be sure to check your owner’s manual to select the proper type and always check the dipstick to verify how much oil you already have.

If you’re unable to change the oil yourself, check out your local INFINITI dealer near Wayne, NJ, Salerno Duane INFINITI, and have us do it for you!


Find your coolant overflow tank and check the level. Most models will have a line indicating the level the coolant should be if the car is cold or hot. If it’s below the line, add more coolant. If the overflow tank is dry, then you need to wait until your car is cool and add coolant directly to your radiator.

Pour slowly and wait for any air bubbles to escape before adding more. Once you think you have enough, leave the cap off the radiator and start the engine. After a few seconds, you may find that there’s now plenty of room in the radiator to add more coolant.

If the car runs for more than a minute without the coolant level lowering, put the cap back on, add to the overflow tank to the line indicated, and you’re all set.

Brake Fluid

First off, a warning: Don’t touch the brake fluid itself because it will burn you and will eat through your clothing.

To check your brake fluid, park your car on a level surface, find the brake fluid reservoir, and check the level and the clarity of the fluid. If it’s low, add to it. Don’t overfill your brake fluid, though.

If your brake fluid is cloudy, dirty, or discolored, then you should considering taking your car in to get the brake system drained and refilled.

If you find that there are more problems with your brakes other than fluid, make sure you visit one of Denville’s local INFINITI dealers for brake repair, service, and assistance.

Washer Fluid

This isn’t nearly as important as the others are, which is why it’s last on this list. Washer fluid is simple to replace but can be annoying to run out of, so it’s worth refilling before going on any road trip.

To fill, find the cap marked Washer Fluid and open it. Add a quality washer fluid to the tank and try not to spill it or overfill the tank. Replace the cap and you’re done.

Checking these fluids on a regular basis will allow you to drive in relative peace and comfort as you go forth on your summer adventures.