Charge While You Drive

Road Powered Electric Vehicle Network

The world’s first road-powered electric vehicle network has been launched in South Korea. These electric highways can provide power wirelessly while you drive. This was developed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Two electric buses will travel on a 15-mile round trip with a power supplied by a technology called Shaped Magnetic Field in Resonance. Electromagnetic fields are created by electric cables under the road’s surface. These are converted into electricity by the coils on the bus’s underbody. The electricity will then be stored in a small battery that is approximately a third of the size of a regular car battery. The cables can supply 180 kW and 60kHz of power remotely at a stable rate. There will be a 6.5-inch gap between the road and the bus. The cables only run underneath 5-15% of the road and can detect when a compatible vehicle is overhead, which make it safer for other drivers and pedestrians.

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