Tips to get the Best Gas Mileage with your Infiniti

At Salerno Duane Infiniti, we want to make sure you get the most out of your INFINITI vehicle. That’s why we’ve created this list of tips to get the best gas mileage with your Infiniti.

Alter your Driving Habits

  • Accelerate and come to a stop gradually and smoothly. Not only will you increase your fuel economy significantly, you’ll also save money on brake wear and tear and oil changes.
  • Try to idle your vehicle as little as possible. You can do this by not warming up the car for more than 30 seconds. Newer vehicles don’t need more than those few seconds to heat up enough to drive safely, despite the old 5-10 minute warm-up adage. Also turn your car off when you’re stopped for more than a minute. Doing so works the same way as a hybrid shuts down when the engine shuts off at stop lights.
  • Buy a manual transmission. The same way that turning your vehicle off when idling or standing still, manual transmissions allow you to control when you’re engaging the throttle and using gas. This is one of the main reasons why vehicles with a manual transmission get significantly higher fuel economy. Instead of using the throttle to accelerate in stop-and-go traffic around Parsippany-Troy Hills, you can allow the vehicle to coast along—only shifting into gear when necessary.
  • When driving on the highway, do two things; slow down and keep your windows up. The difference between driving 70 MPH and 50 MPH is about 2-4 MPG on each trip. Not only will you save yourself money at the pump, but you’ll also lower your safety risk. Keeping the windows up when driving on a highway or a long stretch of road means you won’t be interrupting the aerodynamics of your vehicle. The air is pulled into your vehicle instead of gliding over the windows. This makes your engine have to work slightly harder to maintain a consistent speed. In stop-and-go traffic around Rockaway Township or Denville; however, driving with your windows down is more fuel efficient than using your A/C.

Maintain Your Vehicle

  • Maintaining the manufacturer recommended tire pressure can increase your average MPG up to 3.3%.
  • Replacing a dirty air filter with a clean one can increase your fuel efficiency up to 10%.
  • Getting your regularly scheduled maintenance such as tune ups and oil changes increase your vehicle’s efficiency. This translates to savings at the pump and savings at the Salerno Duane service center because you’ll save on costly repairs.
  • Buy the manufacturer recommended fuel type for your vehicle. Buying premium fuel when not necessary doesn’t do anything better for your vehicle than buying the recommended type. On the other hand, buying a lower grade fuel than what your vehicle requires can cause it to work less efficiently, cause costly damage to your engine, and make your vehicle significantly less fuel efficient overall.

There are a few other ways such as combining your trips to avoid the drive time between home and wherever you’re going, limiting the amount you drive by walking, biking, or using public transit when possible, as well as pumping gas when it’s colder outside. Gasoline is denser when it’s cold, and because fuel pumps measure gasoline by volume, you end up saving money on your gas when it’s cold outside. Using cruise control and avoiding heavy traffic are two of the most well-known ways to increase your fuel efficiency.

When it’s time for your regularly scheduled maintenance, come to Salerno Duane Infiniti. Schedule your appointment online today and experience the best customer experience around Parsippany-Troy Hills, Rockaway Township, and Denville.