How the 2017 INFINITI Q60 Coupe Makes Your Drive Even Better

2017 INFINITI Q60 Morris County

If you’re looking for a luxury coupe that combines advanced upgrades and an exhilarating ride, the INFINITI Q60 is a a great choice. That’s why we’re pleased to announce the debut of the 2017 INFINITI Q60 Coupe that’ll arrive later this year at our Morris County dealership location!

Reserve Your INFINITI Q60

Some of the features that you can get in this new car include:

  • 2017 INFINITI Q60 DenvilleInTuition central control system to personalize your Q60 experience
  • All-new 3-speaker Bose Performance Series sound system w/ noise cancelling technology for crystal-clear music quality
  • Highly-bolstered high-back seats for extra comfort
  • GPS navigation to ensure that you never get lost on any road trip
  • Tech like like Around View® Monitor, Forward Emergency Braking & Blind Spot Intervention to help prevent an accident

2017 INFINITI Q60 ParsippanyNew V6 Engine: 2 Versions

There’s a unique choice you’ll have once the 2017 INFINITI Q60 Coupe gets to our dealership serving Parsippany: which VR30 3.0L twin-turbo V6 do you want under the hood?

The answer depends on your driving needs: do you want more power to zoom down I-80, 287 and Route 46? Or do you want to conserve fuel on your daily commute?

2017 INFINITI Q60 Coupe NJThe more powerful VR30 3.0L twin-turbo V6 delivers 400 hp and 350 lb/ft of torque, while getting you up to an EPA-estimated 23 mpg. You can get up to 1 mpg extra from the other version that can still produce an impressive 300 hp and 295 lb/ft of torque.

If the V6 is too rich for your blood, don’t worry. A 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine is also available to provide 208 hp and an EPA-estimated fuel economy rating of up to 24 mpg. No matter which engine you pick, you’ll love how the drive feels.

New Driving Mode: Sport+

All of the driving modes have returned for the 2017 INFINITI Q60 Coupe to give you the experience you want while behind the wheel: Customize, Standard, Snow, Eco and Sport. New for 2017 is the Sport+ mode, which gives you the most fun ride yet.

That’s because you’ll feel the amazing handling provided by the customized steering performance you can get thanks to the new 2nd-generation Direct Adaptive Steering.

As of this publishing, there will be no 2016 INFINITI Q60 Coupe but the 2017 will arrive at our Denville showroom location later in the year. Please contact us today to get more info about this amazing new luxury car!

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