The Benefits of the INFINITI Around View Monitor

INFINITI Around View Monitor

Infiniti’s Around View Monitor has been helping North Jersey drivers prevent accidents and unnecessary damage to their car since 2007. As of this publishing, this upgraded technology is available in the following INFINITI vehicles at our Morris County dealership location:

Here’s a look at how the INFINITI Around View Monitor works:

With that quick feature preview, let’s go into more detail about how this technology works to benefit you when you’re trying to park & back out your car in an urban area like NYC. on a main street in your area, from driveways or from a parking spot at your favorite store.

Around View Monitor Moving Object Detection

See & Hear What’s Around You

All of your senses have to be hard at work any time you drive. Luckily, the Around View Monitor is here to help you see your surroundings thanks to 4 cameras (indicated by the blue dots in the above photo). They give you a 360-degree view from above your INFINITI that can be seen on the in-dash display in the center console.

If you’re getting too close to another car or any other non-moving object, you’ll hear an audible warning and a visual warning will also appear on the in-dash display. That’s because of the corner sonar sensors that are located on the front & rear bumpers of the vehicle.

Moving Object Detection

Moving Object Detection

Improving upon this technology from its 2007 debut is the use of Moving Object Detection. This feature is able to actually sense motion from the front, back or either side of the vehicle. If there’s a moving object like a ball, pet or child that suddenly comes into view, you can see where the movement is occurring on the in-dash display.

The INFINITI Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection is just one of the many safety technologies you can get in your next car. Contact our team today to learn more about all of the features we have to offer.

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