INFINITI G Models Denville NJ

INFINITI G Models – Without much warning or fanfare in 2014, automaker INFINITI decided as the new models were about to roll off the line that name changes were in order. Gone were the letter and number designations that indicated coupe/sedan/SUV and engine displacement. Not much explanation was given at the time, mostly due to the abruptness of the change, but as confused consumers and experts alike continued to question the reasoning for the change, more information has come to light.

INFINITI Goes to the Press

infiniti g models denvilleINFINITI took to the media, both social and professional, to get the word out about the new direction and the reasons the automaker decided to make the switch. The good news for everyone is that not much else changed with a majority of the affected models, and that INFINITI still stood for quality luxury automobiles.

In mid-December 2012, the new nomenclature became official, with all coupes, convertibles and sedans switching to the new “Q” designation and all SUVs being renamed with a “QX”. The numbers switched from being a straight indication of engine displacement, and instead became an indicator of the vehicle’s position in the INFINITI hierarchy. So, the G37 sedan became the Q50, while the coupe and convertible G37s were re-branded as Q60s. The top of the line M sedans were re-named under the Q70 designation (70 being a higher number than 60 and 50, of course).

Further confusing matters at the time was the fact that the Q50 had been introduced at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show as a new sedan, only for INFINITI to then decide it was in fact a re-branded G37 sedan.

Not long after the news broke, INFINITI president Johan de Nysschen took to Facebook to further clarify the automaker’s decision. Cited as reasons for the switch were:

  • A lack of available names for new cars that would be rolling off Infiniti’s lines under the current naming scheme.
  • New innovations in the realm of engines would have created more confusion.
  • With INFINITI breaking into new markets around the world, the automaker felt the need to simplify their hierarchy for new customers.

While it meant confusion in the short-term, INFINITI believes that in years to come it made more sense to move forward with different names. The change was the first big one to come under de Nysschen’s watch after he had been lured away from Audi to the CEO position at INFINITI in July.

INFINITI G Models Denville NJ

infiniti-g-models-salerno-duane-infiniti-denville-njMany experts worry that while it may seem like things have been simplified for the better, it may result in oversimplification and another round of naming changes in the next few years as new models roll off the line. Will a prospective new INFINITI customer be more confused with a simple Q on all models and only a number to differentiate? Did INFINITI mistakenly create more confusion for some of its models like the SUV dubbed the QX60 that will compete in-segment against the Volvo XC60, BMW X6 and Audi Q6?

Knowing Infiniti’s tradition and history of excellence, it’s safe to assume that their brand will come out on top.

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