INFINITI Park Assist Technology

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Do you remember the day you passed your driving test and proudly received your first driver’s license? What was the most difficult part of the test for you — the written test, the road test or the parallel parking test? Most people will say the parallel parking; and for many people it remains a difficult maneuver. However, the new INFINITI Park Assist Technology can make parallel parking simple, quick, safe and anxiety free.

INFINITI Park Assist Denville NJThe Salerno Duane INFINITI dealership is proud to offer its customers the world’s first Around View® Monitor. This innovative system delivers extremely advanced, and highly intuitive, technology developed to help make parking easier; especially parallel parking. With four cameras strategically positioned about your INFINITI, your surroundings and the “path” into the parking space will be clearly shown on your vehicle’s display monitor.

Additionally, INFINITI has further enhanced the system with the addition of

Moving Object Detection. This feature will alert the driver to any moving objects detected by the cameras. The combining of Around View® Monitor and Moving Object Detection allows the INFINITI Park Assist technology to provide you with a new perspective of the world around you; while your vehicle helps you navigate even the tightest spaces.

How the INFINITI Park Assist system works:

  • The four cameras positioned around your vehicle provide a virtual 360 degree view.
  • Images from the four cameras are shown together on the display screen located on the dashboard of your vehicle. This produces a virtual “bird’s eye view” of your surroundings.
  • Colored lines will appear on the screen to help guide your steering direction and to gauge the distance of any objects behind you.
  • If your vehicle gets too close to an object, an audible warning will sound.
  • Additionally, sensors on your vehicle will track moving objects and display to their location on the screen.

INFINITI Park Assist NJThis video will allow to you experience the exact process.

Other than making parking easier, are other reasons to have the INFINITI Park Assist technology?

  • Safety is a big reason to have this system. A recent study released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), indicated more than 6,000 people are injured each year by vehicles that are backing up. Even more troubling than that statistic is the fact that 2,400 of the injured are children and more than 100 will die from their injuries.
  • The NHTSA issued a statement saying they believe a system such as the INFINITI Park Assist technology, which allows the vehicle (and the driver) to sense and see when objects are in their blind spots, will greatly reduce the number of backing-up related accidents where people are injured or killed. The NHTSA also estimated the majority of all backing-up and parking accidents could be avoided by the use of a park assist system.
  • Many insurance companies list technology such as the INFINITI Park Assist system as a feature that will earn money-saving discounts.

You owe it to yourself to experience first-hand the peace-of-mind that comes with the INFINITI Park Assist system.

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A new vehicle with the INFINITI Park Assist feature from Salerno Duane INFINITI will help relieve your parallel parking anxiety.