INFINITI Q30 Concept

INFINITI Q30 Concept Near Summit NJ

The INFINITI Q30 Concept is the future. It defies traditional automotive attitudes and convention. It is an entirely new class of premium compact vehicle that is a perfect balance of coupe, hatchback and crossover. It  looks like a sports car and has the promise of a dynamic and fun ride from its unique wheels-at-the-corners stance. This model has genuine carbon fiber incorporated throughout the vehicle that was inspired by the INFINITI Red Bull Racing RB9 Formula One Car and three-time Formula One world Champion Sebastian Vettel. It also gains subtle violet highlights against the carbon fiber surfaces. It has a dramatic exterior shape that is composed of deep uppercuts, bold sections and deep intersections to create a “dual wave” effect. It has 20-inch wheels with violet accents. The new design was inspired by Infiniti’s Etherea, Essence and Emerge-e concept vehicles. The lightweight design was created by combining Italian coachwork with the Japanese art of calligraphy. A symphonic audio experience is formed from sculpted ceramic integrated into the upper front seatbacks which hold speakers.

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