INFINITI Q50 Performance

INFINITI Q50 Performance Denville NJINFINITI Q50 Performance – INFINITI has taken the next step in revolutionizing steering functionality by introducing direct adaptive steering.  This is yet another move by major auto manufacturers towards creating autonomous vehicles that are capable of reducing accidents and improving driver and passenger experiences.  The INFINITI Q50 boasts a “steer by wire” design, meaning that there are no mechanical connections between the steering wheel and the wheels on the road.  Steering maneuvers are instead completed through the exchange of electric signals.

What This Means For INFINITI Drivers 

Although the INFINITI Q50 can hardly be called a fully autonomous vehicle in that it is not capable of operating itself, it is one of the most technologically advanced models currently available in its class.  The “steer by wire” upgrade provides a rapid and precise steering response that far exceeds that of autos that are still reliant upon mechanical steering components.  It additionally helps to even out the driving experience, by minimizing the effects of rough roads and limiting the related vibrations.  This allows for a smoother and far more pleasant driving experience overall, especially for those motorists who are not overly concerned with maintaining the ability to “feel the road”.  Moreover, the car’s active lane control system is enhanced by this new feature, which is the system that keeps drivers from drifting out of their lanes while traveling on the freeway. Thus, lane control is dramatically improved for nearly all types of terrain by the new “steer by wire” feature.

“Steer By Wire” In Aviation 

INFINITI Q50 Performance Denville NJ Steering Wheel“Steer by Wire” is a feature that has long been enjoyed by aviators.  INFINITI, however, is the first automaker to bring this innovation to the auto industry.  The Q50 boasts a fairly straightforward steering system design.  By moving the steering wheel, drivers cause an electric signal to be sent to the steering force actuator, which then communicates with the electronic control unit.  This same message is sent on to the steering angle actuator which causes the wheels to turn.

Surprisingly, however, the mechanical components for a conventional steering system remain.  These are left in the Q50 designs as a back-up.  For those with limited mobility or other physical handicaps, this setup offers a simple and straightforward solution.  This new level of autonomous operation provides more options for those who are paralyzed.

INFINITI Q50 Performance – Upgrading To “Steer By Wire” 

INFINITI Q50 Performance Denville NJ SteeringUpgrading to the newest innovations in autonomous driving is as easy as investing in the Q50 Hybrid or one of the INFINITI Q50 3.7 models.  While these vehicles are currently the only options that boast this technology, “steer by wire” is likely to soon be a common feature among new vehicles.  Features that lead motorists closer to the age of autonomous driving are being imagined every day and each of these has the capacity to reduce traffic accidents and other on-the-road issues.

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