INFINITI Q60 Trim Comparisons – Denville NJ

The INFINITI Q60 trim is favorably spoken in the same breath with the likes of BMW 4 series, Audi 5 and the Mercedes Benz C-class coupe. The deal gets better because you have seven options to choose from. All of these models come with a 3.7-liter engine of 330 horsepower and a powerful torque of 270 lb.-feet.

INFINITI Performance Line

In shorter terms, referreINFINITI Q60 coupe njd to as IPL, this model has a refreshed computerized tuning. It has the freest flowing exhaust ever fitted in a car. The engine in good condition can power up to 348 horsepower and give a stunning torque of 376 lb.-feet. This power and torque, as you may have noticed, exceeds the manufacturer’s estimation of 330 horsepower and 270 lb.-feet.

The other feature in this model that will capture your interest is the new-approach set of suspensions. You will never notice when you ride over small bumps. This is a promise to a smooth ride on all kinds of roads. In this model, the brakes are large and thus require very minimal force to come to effect. Additionally, the wheel base is 19-inches and made of shiny alloy.

In terms of fuel consumption, this model is very economical and efficient both in the city and on countryside highways. In the interior, there is standardized space for the headroom and leg space. Whether as a driver or passenger, you’ll enjoy the ride.

INFINITI Q60 Trim Comparisons – INFINITI Q60S Coupe

INFINITI Q60 Trim Comparisons Denville NJ ExteriorWith a 3.7 L engine of at least 330 horsepower, this model is a powerful auto. It comes in two options of manual and automatic transmissions. This car is not big or small, but is just enough for a nuclear family trip. It is 183.1 inches in length and 71.8 inches in width.

The level of fuel economy is one aspect you will definitely like. In the city, the average combustion rate is 19 mpg, while on the countryside roads it stands at 27 mpg. This is comparatively economical given the versatility of this car.

Seating space is comfortable in the leg, shoulder and head room. This design is generous especially with the front legroom (43.8 inches) and the front head room (39.4 inches). To add to the ambience of the ride, you can listen to your favorite radio station in crystal clarity.

INFINITI Q60 Coupe NJ Journey

If you’re in for a sport model, this is your choice. With a V6 fitted engine and a customizable exhaust, you can turn this car into a sporting utility. The horsepower (330) is right and the torque is powerful enough even on a muddy road. The luxuriousness of  the Q60 Coupe is evident right from the exterior to the interior.

INFINITI Q60 NJ Convertible

infiniti-q60-trim-comparisons-denville-njThe V-6 engine gives the admirable character of this car. The speed is great and the rearview mirror gives an astounding sight of the falling sheet metal towards the rear lights. The only noticeable disadvantage is the unwanted thud as the top side falls into the trunk. However, this is neutralized by the serenity that comes once the rooftop is eliminated.

The steering is fine-tuned to your liking. Compared with other auto brands, the Q60 base convertible tops the list of superb steering and excellent controls. The fun is even exotic when driving through tunnels; the engine surges and sings. Given that this is a convertible, that loud musical note adds to the flair of the ride.

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