INFINITI Technology

Over the years, INFINITI has become a name synonymous with superior luxury, dynamic and fluid styling, and a boatload of technology. Today, INFINITI technology has grown to include a host of state-of-the-art features designed to be much more than cool buttons. Instead, INFINITI technology includes several advanced safety features designed to provide a safer and more exciting driving experience. The following information explains a few of those features.

Around View Monitoring

INFINITI Technology Denville NJBy using four strategically placed cameras, drivers are able to see a 360 degree image all around the vehicle. The image is displayed in the Infiniti’s in-dash screen.

Moving Object Detection

As one of the latest additions to the Around View System, Moving Object Detection senses movement from the rear and front of the vehicle. In addition, this technology also uses radars and sensors to detect motion from the side of the vehicle. In any case, the Moving Object Detection system will alert the driver about any objects moving around. The state-of-the-art system will even display the area the movement was detected on the in-dash display.

Blind Spot Intervention

With the world’s first Blind Spot Intervention System, INFINITI technology takes safety to new heights. The Blind Spot Intervention System will alert drivers of items in the blind spot of the intended path of the vehicle. If the system does detect an object in the blind spot of the vehicle, the system will instinctively use selective braking to help you avoid danger.

Lane Departure Prevention

As another industry first, The Lane Departure Prevention system is one of the pearls of INFINITI technology. Simply put, this ground breaking system effectively uses sensors and cameras to estimate your distance from the lane markers. If the system senses you unintentionally drifting from your lane, the system applies measures to help you return to your lane.

Predictive Forward Collision Warning

Another new advancement in INFINITI technology is the world’s first Predictive Forward Collision Warning system. This system effectively uses several cameras and radars to warn you of objects and risks obscured from your view. The system doesn’t only detect the distance and relative velocity of objects directly ahead, this system takes safety one step farther. The Predictive Forward Collision Warning system effectively warns and detects the vehicle traveling in front of the one in front of you.

Intelligent Cruise Control

INFINITI Technology Denville NJAnother major advancement in INFINITI technology is the new Intelligent Cruise Control system. This system effectively transforms your perception of cruise control. Intelligent Cruise Control automatically slows your vehicle down to keep a safe following distance of the vehicle directly in front of you. Best of all, when traffic begins to move or your path clears, the cruise control system automatically resumes your original cruising speed.

Industry Leading INFINITI Technology

Today, INFINITI technology leads the industry and is constantly setting new standards. As one of the leading manufacturers in innovation, INFINITI technology includes several features designed to provide you with an overall safer and more exciting driving experience. Whether you are driving a new or certified pre-owned INFINITI, you can rest assured your vehicle is equally working toward your safe passage.

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