Inspired Driving Brings 21st Century Technology To The 2014 Q50

Denville, NJDo you think that Henry Ford ever dreamed that cars would one day be driven from an electronic steer-by-wire technology? This technology is the latest in jet aircraft technology and is now going to be available in the All-New 2014 INFINITI Q50 Luxury, Sports Sedan.

This awesome technology known as Direct Adaptive Steering will be standard on certain Q50 models and for the first time ever allow drivers to customize how they want the steering to feel. For example do you prefer the loose power steering of a 1953 Buick, the tighter, sport feeling of a Porsche 911 or something in between? The choice is yours.

One of Infiniti’s top ingredients in creating and making the All-New Q50 model one of the most exciting and exhilarating cars to hit the market in a long time was tested by INFINITI, Red Bull Racing’ triple Formula One World Driving Champion, Sebastian Vettle.   Vettle is also Infiniti’s Director of Performance was very hands on in all the design, testing and performance that the Q50 will offer.

Choose your driving style for an easier, smoother feel or for a tighter, firmer, more agile experience all from a simple touch screen. This can be set like many other driver settings and stored all within the Q50’s sophisticated memory.

Now, I know what you might be thinking, no big, heavy duty steering column, what if a wire fails. No fear, Direct Adaptive Steering contains several fail/safe back-up systems, including conventional mechanical steering linkage..
Direct Adaptive Steering in the All-New 2014 Q50 works by electronically transferring the driver’s input to the front wheels where a high-response actuator drives the steering rack. By eliminating the mechanical losses that can dull the responses in conventional systems, steering response is faster and vibration at the steering wheel is eliminated. All this is achieved with a level of feedback from the road that is central to every Infiniti’s performance feel.

Steering is adjusted on a touch screen as part of the INFINITI Drive Mode Selector. Depending on the model, there are up to 4 pre-set modes in addition to a personal setting that allows the driver to mix and match effort and response to suit individual driving style and type of road.

By having the ability to customize the Q50’s steering it not only increases the driver’s pleasure and driving experience but adds a true safety component. The more comfortable and confident a driver feel, the safer they are going to be behind the wheel.

Moving forward, Active Lane Control is assists with the Direct Adaptive Steering by utilizing the steering system to keep the car from drifting by staying safely within the lane markings. This eliminates the need for continuous steering. Active Lane Control coupled with Direct Adaptive Steering safely navigates through many different changes in road surfaces, crosswinds and temperatures.

Back to the Fail Safe System The Direct Adaptive Steering comes with three separate electronic control units, if one were to fail, the others would kick in, as this was inspired through proven jetliner technology. .  Direct Adaptive Steering and Active Lane Control will be standard on the INFINITI Q50 3.5 Hybrid and optional on the 3.7-Liter V6. INFINITI Q50 models without Direct Adaptive Steering are equipped with electro-hydraulic steering that offers drivers the ability to customize steering weight.

2014 INFINITI Q50 Near Summit NJ

About the INFINITI Q50
The INFINITI Q50 is the newest and most individual entrant in the mid-size premium class to compete against rivals such as the Audi A4 and BMW 3-Series. Designed to appeal to both the heart and the head, the INFINITI Q50 marries the brand’s flowing, concept-car design themes with a welcoming cabin inspired by both high technology and traditional craftsmanship. The four-door, rear- or four-wheel drive luxury sport sedan is available in the Americas with a choice of two high-performance engines: a 3.7-liter V6 or a 3.5-liter low CO2 Hybrid model.

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By Mitch Kalmus – Digital Operations Manager, The Salerno Duane Auto Group