Iphone 5 Connectivity Issue & Resolution

All Iphone 5 users, If you have a factory blue tooth in your automobile, you may or may not be experiencing connectivity issues. Below you will see the Issue & Resolution.


• Unable to answer incoming calls with the Bluetooth via the screen
• Once answer button is pressed on vehicle screen, call does not connect to the car’s hands-free system
• Call must be picked up from the handset and switched to the vehicle’s connection to function
• There is a delay in call going to the screen and actual notification of an incoming call


• This is an Apple issue; however, NNA has produced a TSB that will address the issue for the customer in the form of a software update for 08IT Navi (premium navigation on Infinitis)
• This TSB should hopefully be released in the next couple of weeks
• Engineering has determined this issue is related to an Apple change with iPhone 5 + iOS6
• Apple is currently in the process of releasing iOS6.1 in the next couple of months that will fix the issue
• The Apple update will also address other related concerns (e.g. rebooting, popping noise, clicking noise)

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