Top 5 Luxury Holiday Gifts to Buy Your Spouse

Holidays are often filled with anxiety when looking to buy a special gift for your spouse. You feel like you’ve bought them everything already, or they usually buy everything for her/himself. If you’re still looking for ideas, here are five of our favorite luxury gifts to buy your spouse.wrapped present

Has your spouse been dreaming of a new TV, sound system, laptop, tablet, or phone? This is a perfect gift for the holiday. Your spouse will likely not expect it (unless you do this sort of thing regularly), and you can take the time beforehand to make it special. Consider getting the TV or sound system installed before your spouse gets home and see if they notice. If you get a phone, be sure to not have it activated until you give it to your spouse, otherwise they’ll lose service!

Whether it’s a new watch, new handbag, wallet, shoes, or jewelry, everyone loves accessories. We especially love accessories we’ve been dreaming about, circling in magazines, and mentioning with a sideways glance. Engraved Jewlery
To make a watch or jewelry extra special,
get it engraved with a speci
al romantic message. A new handbag, wallet, or pair of shoes is especially special if your spouse doesn’t usually purchase this kind of thing for her/himself. With anything other than a personalized item, be sure to keep the receipt just in case they’d like to exchange it for a different color, style, etc.

If your spouse loves a particular artist or art style, buying a piece of art might be the way to go. Be careful to stick with their style, since most art is not returnable. If you can get a piece that’s signed, your spouse will be extra excited, and it’ll be a great investment in the long run. Local artists or art from a place you’ve traveled together gives it a personalized touch, and it’ll be a nice addition to your home décor.

A specially-planned getaway is a special treat for anyone. But when your spouse plans it out and takes the time off from their regular plans, you’ll make them feel like they’re the center of your world. Great ideas for a getaway include a cruise, weekend getaway, spa getaway, or even just a night at a cozy hotel. Consider taking a trip to your spouse’s favorite kind of location, for example a beach or mountain destination to make them feel extra special.

If it’s time to get a new car, or your spouse has been talking about one of the latest INFINITI models, buying a new car can be a super special gift that says “I’ve been listening.” Be sure to make the presentation extra special by surprising them on the morning of the event, whether that’s a holiday, birthday, or just a regular day. Consider putting a bow on it and presenting the new key in a small jewelry box. Perhaps a 2015 INFINITI Q70 would make them happy…?Reprogram your INFINITI Key Fob

When buying a gift for your spouse, just remember that it’s the thought that counts. Whether that’s a specially planned weekend out of Denville, or it’s a new piece of art from his/her favorite artist, your spouse will appreciate any gift that’s given out of love.