More Car Care Tips for the Fall

NJ Fall Car Care Tips

Here are some more cleaning tips for this season:

  • Car Polish. Your car will dry too fast and cause streaks if you polish it in the sun. The best polishing is performed in the shade and at 59-68 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Fly-Specks. Insect stains not only look bad, but they attack the paint as well. They can cause permanent damage, so they should be removed quickly. Use a wet paper towel or soft wash cloth with water and place them on the “buggy” surface for 15 minutes. You may need to use a spray bottle to soak them again. Then, carefully wipe everything off of the vehicle.
  • Interior. Do not clean your car’s interior with a public vacuum at the car wash. They are designed for rugged action and endurance. The plastic threatens to scratch and damage any upholstery in a modern car. Use a vacuum cleaner at home with a brush attachment, if possible.
  • Rims. Water will rust your rims if you use it to clean the brake dust. Use a special wheel cleaner instead.

Keep checking the Salerno Duane INFINITI blog for more information if you are near Denville, Clifton, Ramsey, or Summit, NJ.