Top 3 Tips for Hosting a New Year’s Eve Party


So you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve Party and you’re not sure how to start your planning process. That’s totally okay. We’ve got you covered with this list of just a few tips for hosting a great New Year’s Eve Party.

The Invite List

Who can you not live without attending your party? Start by writing two lists: one of people you can’t not invite, and one of the people you’d like to invite but could cut if you had to. Cross out any people on either list that would negatively affect the atmosphere of your party. That includes people who a) cause drama, b) are total party poopers, and c) don’t really want to be there.Tips for hosting new years eve

You want your guests to have a good time, and you want to enjoy your own party. That’s why having the right people there is so important. Be sure to try to include anyone who might be offended if you don’t invite them, unless they fit into one of those categories above. If you’ve got a friend you’d like to get closer to, or you’d like to get to know, invite them along. And be sure to factor in spouses, significant others, and kids (if you’re having a family friendly party) when making your invite list.

The Budget

You’ll want to decide on an overall budget. That will help you determine how many people you can afford to invite. If you’re short in the money department, but you’ve got a great space, see if you can co-host with a friend. An even better idea is to do a potluck style party, and have every one bring a favorite dish to share. You could even use a Facebook group so everyone could tell you what they’re bringing.

In your budget, be sure to include anything you’ll need to buy in order to get the party rolling. That will include cutlery, plates, cups, disposable champagne flutes, decorations, and any rentals you might need if you’re doing a big party. Decide if you’ll use a caterer or need any entertainment rentals, and factor those into the budget as well. 

The Food

If you’re not doing a potluck, you’ll be providing the food. What food you serve will set the mood for your party. If you’re having a low key family friendly party with only your closest friends, you can go with really anything that you and your guests would like, whether that’s wine, cheese, and appetizers or pizza and beer.Tips for Hosting New Years Eve

If you’re having a bigger or more formal event, you’ll want the food to reflect that. Having small foods that are easy to eat while socializing and are not terribly messy if they’re dropped is a really good idea for this kind of party. And unless you’re doing a sit-down dinner you’ll definitely want to keep that in mind while budgeting.

The most important part of your New Year’s Eve party is to have a great time. Whether that means going out to have your get-together or hosting a party at your home, you’ll want to consider what will be the most enjoyable experience and then make it happen! If you play your cards right, it might become an annual thing that everyone looks forward to all year long.