Prepare for a Thanksgiving Road Trip

Thanksgiving Road Trip Preparation NJ

Thanksgiving weekend is the busiest travel time of the year. Get your car ready for the colder weather and extra driving miles with these tips:

  • Get up to date on regular maintenance. Change the fluids and purchase a high quality filter. Change the brakes/rotors if they are warped or cracked. Also change them if they have deep grooves or worn pads. Make sure that all of the lights work properly and check your windshield wipers.
  • Protect the interior. Purchase all-weather floor mats because they are easy to clean and will protect your car against mud. Remove any extra items in your car or trunk to save on fuel consumption and make room for suitcases. Clean your windows to improve visibility.
  • Don’t drive on the wrong tires. Get your tires rotated and inspected. Check your tire pressure. Winter tires are made with special low temperature resilient rubber compounds. They have deep treads that grip unplowed snow and ice. Even the best all-season tires are not as good as winter tires.
  • Maintain the coolant system. Harsh conditions and extreme temperatures can impact the coolant system. Have your car’s radiator pressure tested and your hoses examined for bulges or cracks. Replace your engine’s coolant to protect your car against the cold weather.

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