How to Reprogram an INFINITI Key Fob

If you’ve lost an INFINITI key fob or you’re simply interested in having another one as a backup, there’s a simple process you can do yourself to reprogram an INFINITI key fob.

To reprogram your INFINITI key fob, you’ll want to follow a few simple instructions. Prior to beginning, be sure to read through the entire procedure so you know exactly what you’re doing before you start. Once initiated, the process needs to be done swiftly so there won’t be much time to re-read the instructions during the reprogramming procedure.

Follow these instructions in the order they are listed:

  • Close and lock all doors to your INFINITI vehicle.
  • Insert and remove the key you wish to program from the ignition key cylinder six times within ten seconds. You’ll want to do it swiftly but without damaging your system, so remove it completely each time and be firm but not rough. When done correctly, the warming lamps and interior lights will flash twice.
  • Insert the key you wish to program into the ignition key cylinder and turn it to the Accessory Position. At this point in the process, all of the original ID codes are erased. So you will have to reprogram all of your remotes at this time.
  • With your key in the Accessory position of the ignition key cylinder, press any remote on the new controller ONE time. The warning lamps and interior lights will flash twice when this step is completed accurately.
  • To program an additional remote, press the unlock button on your new key fob, then press the lock button on your door. Continue this process with each additional key fob (up to four total). The warning lamps and interior lights will flash twice after each remote programming when done correctly.
  • Once finished, remove the original key from the ignition.
  • Unlock the driver side door, open the door and then close the door.
  • The remotes should all be programmed at this time. Test them. If any are not programmed, you’ll have to begin the process again and reprogram ALL remotes.

Though the process may seem pretty straight forward, it can get a bit complicated. There are lots of things going on at once and if you’re not familiar with this process, you might be a bit uncomfortable. If you’d like help with this process, or don’t feel up to doing it yourself at all, let the professionals at Salerno Duane INFINITI help you!How to Reprogram a key fob

Our friendly and helpful highly-trained service technicians will be more than happy to answer any questions you have or help you reprogram your INFINITI key fob for you, so you don’t have to worry with the process at all. Schedule an appointment online or give us a call at 973.453.9591.

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