Safe Driving Tip from Salerno Duane Infiniti

Distractions while Driving

by Mitch Kalmus of the Salerno Duane Auto Group  November 2012




Do you have children?  If yes then you all know too well just how distracting it could be if the kids are bickering and fighting while you are driving.  I know it makes me sound old to say but, back when I was a kid and we were on a road trip, while Dad was driving Mom would play a variety of games to keep my brother and I distracted such as the license plate game or I Spy.  According to a report published by Center of Disease Control the proportion of fatal accidents caused by a driver being distracted increased from 7% in 2005 to 11% in 2009.  We are always hearing about cell phone usage while driving is dangerous.  Let’s face it today we are in the  age of electronics and technology.   Some of today’s technology can save lives with the simple flip of a play button.  With that said,  manyauto manufacturers, including Infiniti have offered a variety of entertainment and technology options.  Most of  new 2013 INFINITI models have a top notch Theater Package as an available option. (The  photo is a capture from the 2013 INFINITI JX35 Quick Reference Guide, page 29)

As you will see by the photo  the illustration,  the rear entertainment system can be used to view movies, play video games and more.  In addition with the dual screens in the head rests as well as wireless headphones you don’t even have to face the issue of kids arguing about which movie to watch or game to play.   For some, they would choose not to spend the extra money or may choose to use that money to purchase other accessories or extended warranties,  however what can bring you more peace of mind,  worrying about your car that won’t start or you and your family’s safety and well being?

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Rear Entertainment Theater Option is available on most INFINITI models
Rear Entertainment Theater Option is available on most INFINITI models