Salerno Duane Donates 2009 Ford Flex to Cornerstone Family Programs

2009 Ford Flex Denville NJ

We gave a van to Morristown Neighborhood House, which is a subsidiary to Cornerstone Family Programs, last year. This year, we have donated a 2009 Ford Flex to the organization.

The 2009 Ford Flex will be used to transport those in need back and forth from their homes to the location of their desired program. We know this will be beneficial since many program participants either can’t afford a car, don’t drive or their family only has one vehicle that can’t be available all the time. We wanted to do our part in helping the organization to aid as many people in need as possible and we hope our vehicle will lend a hand in helping our community.

Bil Gusta Nancy Arluna

Recently, Salerno Duane INFINITI sales consultant Bill Gusta handed the keys of the 2009 Ford Flex over to Cornerstone Family Programs director Nancy Arluna. We hope the organization puts the 7-passenger crossover to good use for many years to come!

They have a variety of programs for children, youths & teens, adults, senior citizens and veterans including community development, recreation, counseling, substance abuse prevention, workforce development, language and skill building. We have been an official partner with Cornerstone Family Programs and Morristown Neighborhood House since 2016.

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