Salerno Duane Auto Group Partners with Cornerstone Family Programs

Cornerstone Family ProgramsSalerno Duane Auto Group is proud to be supporting Cornerstone Family Programs and its subsidiary Morristown Neighborhood House through a partnership to help those in need including children and veterans.

“We’re so proud to be helping the nonprofit organization’s mission of strengthening communities by helping people build better lives,” said Mike Salerno, owner of Salerno Duane Auto Group. Morristown Neighborhood House“Their work enriches the lives of non-English speaking families, veterans and members of our community living below the poverty level.”

Salerno Duane Auto Group is planning to donate a GMC cargo van to Cornerstone. Other considerations are planned to be taken in support of the organization as well.

Among the children’s services provided by Cornerstone Family Programs include:

  • Preschool program
  • Before & after school programs giving kids tutors and computer access
  • Busing to & from school to the facility
  • Teen programs offering part-time work, SAT & ACT prep and employment internships
  • 800 meals served daily
  • Sports programs such as basketball & soccer
  • Dance & art instruction

Among the services offered for veterans and current military service members are:

  • Confidential counseling & outreach
  • Confidential money management & financial literacy consultations
  • A community-based female veteran program run by women

The ultimate goals of Cornerstone are:

  • Giving children the best start in life with counseling & education
  • Keeping older adults independent & in their home
  • Preventing substance abuse in families & communities by educating
  • Building/maintaining healthy families by helping them cope with daily challenges

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Cornerstone Family Programs is a nonprofit organization whose history dates back to 1813 when it was founded to help the poor of Morristown, including women and children impacted by the War of 1812. In 2013, they partnered up with Morristown Neighborhood House (that was founded in 1898) to help low-income families and immigrants build better lives.