How to Safely Remove Salt Stain From Your Infiniti’s Interior

Believe it or not, car detailing is an integral part of winter, preventative maintenance. New Jersey winters are hard on your vehicle’s exterior no matter if you’re in Rockaway Township, Denville, or Parsippany-Troy Hills. To keep your vehicle looking its best, you’ll need to know how to remove salt stains from your exterior without ruining your paint.

There are many ways to remove the salt stains from your vehicle, but we’ve found a tried and true DIY method that works great.

qx80To begin your car detailing, you’ll want to start by rinsing the car completely with a high pressure hose. Make sure you get the undercarriage and wheel wells to prevent any buildup or corrosion in the areas you can’t see but that are still important!

Mix together equal parts white vinegar and water in a bucket and wash the entire exterior of the car with either a soft brush or a sponge. Some areas will be affected that you won’t realize; that’s why it’s important to do the whole thing even if it looks okay. Be sure to do your wheel wells as well. When you’re finished, rinse with a high pressure hose again.

Using a clay bar lubricant, spray the entire vehicle. Then rub the clay bar (turning it over frequently as you go along) over the vehicle. Use a microfiber cotton cloth to remove any residue as you go. Repeat the process as many times as is necessary to get the surface smooth and salt free. You can check that the surface is smooth by running your hand across the surface of any areas that still look dingy using a plastic glove (like a rubber glove).


2014 INFINITI QX60Now that most of the salt has been removed from the exterior of your vehicle, you can wash your car as normal with car wash soap only. Be aware that other soaps can be damaging to the paint. You’ll use a mixture of fresh water and the car wash soap (the ratio is in the instructions on the soap bottle) to get your vehicle squeaky clean. Be sure to use a clean sponge or a soft brush on the exterior of your vehicle to avoid any scratches.

Rinse thoroughly and dry completely with a soft cloth. Old cotton t-shirts work well, or a cotton bath towel. These are both highly absorbent and work really well. Once you’ve finished, use a coat of wax to prevent future build-up. It will also help defend against snow and other ice-removal chemicals, dirt, or acidic rain from damaging your exterior paint.

If you don’t have time to do it yourself, or it’s too cold to reasonably wash your car yourself, you can go to a drive-through car wash for quick, easy car detailing. Though it won’t be quite as effective, it will still help until you can do it yourself thoroughly. Be sure to choose the wash level that applies wax, since it forms a great barrier against corrosive chemicals.

At Salerno Duane Infiniti, we want to make sure all of our customers in Denville and our nearby areas including Rockaway Township and Parsippany-Troy Hills, have all the information you need to make the best decisions for your Infiniti. If you have any questions about removing salt from your vehicle, give our service department a call at 973-453-9591.