Satellite Radio Options for Your New Car

satellite-radio-salerno-duane-infiniti-denville-njWhen you’re buying a new car, you want it to have all of the luxuries that will make every ride a comfortable and pleasant experience. Satellite radio is one of those features that can often be overlooked at first, but as you’re shopping around for your new vehicle, consider some of the satellite radio options that are available for cars, as well. This is one part of your car that you can literally customize each day, depending on your mood, and it can certainly make a difference in your morning or afternoon commute.

There are more satellite radio options than you may realize. Since Salerno Duane INFINITI is a premier INFINITI dealer serving Denville, Parsipany, Morristown, Basking Ridge, West Orange, and Mt. Olive Township in NJ, we understand your desire to have only the best, so we did some research on this topic.

  • Sirius XM Satellite Radio – This is a commercial-free virtual venue where you can literally listen to any genre of music, sports, talk, and anything else that can be broadcast over the airwaves. Packages start from as low as $9.99, and there are several options available to help you beef up your listening abilities.
  • Agogo – Rather than relying on in-dash operations or extra tools that will clutter the space in your car, Agogo was created with the idea of utilizing your mobile device to bring the power of listening to your fingertips. This company’s claim is that you’ll have more control over your listening content than you would with traditional satellite radio, and this technology is free.
  • HD Radio – This satellite radio technology comes in several forms. The 2014 INFINITI Q50 offers you the ability to build an HD Radio right into your brand new car. If you have a different car, the people at HD Radio have put provisions into place to make sure that you can have high-quality digital sound in your automobile, too. The company offers a large selection of receivers for car radios that can be put into almost any car. Beyond that, HD Radio also produces portable devices to allow you to take your favorite stations with you wherever you go.

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