Signs Your Transmission is Failing

Do you suspect your vehicle may be experiencing a transmission problem? A failing transmission can translate into spending a lot of money to repair it or it can mean a simple fix, such as just needing a transmission fluid flush. No matter what your transmission problem ends up being, the best thing you can do for your vehicle is to get it checked out.

signs your transmission is failingThere are several signs that there’s a problem with your transmission, but here are the three most common ones to look for.

Transmission Fluid Leaking

If you see any red fluid leaking from your vehicle, you most likely have a transmission problem. Having the wrong amount of fluid pressure can cause serious damage to your vehicle, but functionally it can mean your vehicle won’t drive.

If you’re having trouble accelerating or shifting gears, check for a transmission fluid leak. You can do this by using a large piece of cardboard. Slide it under your vehicle, wait a few moments, and look for any red liquid pooling.

If you see a leak, bring your vehicle into the service department at Salerno Duane INFINITI immediately for a transmission repair.

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Check Engine Light Comes On

One of the first signs of a transmission problem is when the Check Engine Light illuminates on your dashboard. Although this light can have many meanings, the most common ones involve the vehicle’s transmission. This light can also indicate a problem with the emissions control system, such as a loose gas cap.

If this light comes on, the professionals at the Salerno Duane INFINITI service department can quickly determine exactly what the problem is.

Problems Shifting Gears

failing transmission signsShifting gears in your INFINITI should be simple. However, if you feel grinding, a delay in engagement, or a harsh shift, you may have a transmission problem. All of these are indications that there’s not enough transmission fluid, the transmission fluid needs to be changed, or the transmission is damaged. In any case, you should get it checked out immediately by a highly trained professional.

There are plenty of things that can go wrong with a vehicle, but transmission problems are arguably one of the worst because they can mean that your car simply won’t run. If you suspect you have a transmission problem because you’ve experienced any of these three common concerns, bring your vehicle into the service department at Salerno Duane Infiniti. We can take a look and discuss your options for moving forward so you have a clear understanding of what’s going on.

How can you prevent transmission failure? Get regular maintenance on your vehicle at Salerno Duane INFINITI in Denville, NJ. The service department at Salerno Duane INFINITI is filled with highly trained service technicians who are equipped to handle your vehicle’s regular maintenance as well as major automotive service needs. We’re your local New Jersey INFINITI Dealer, and we know how to take care of your vehicle. Schedule a service appointment online today and get back on the road in a jiffy.