Teen Car Crash Risks

Teen Car Crash Risks in NJ

Research has discovered that loud music increases the crash risk for teens. Teenagers commit a larger number of errors and miscalculations on the road when they are listening to their preferred music. The report also showed that young men make more frequent and serious mistakes than young women. The study included 85 drivers that went on six 40-minute trips. Two of the trips were without music and two were with music of their choosing. 98% demonstrated an average of three “deficient behaviors”- such as careless lane switching or tailgating- in at lease one trip when they listened to their musical selection. Almost a third had to be told to take action to avoid a crash. 92% made errors when no music was played. The mistakes decreased by 20% when the alternative music was played.

Researcher Warren Brodsky, of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, said: ‘Young drivers tend to play music very loudly – 120 to 130 decibels. Drivers are not aware that as they get drawn-in by a song, they move from an extra-personal space involving driving tasks, to a more personal space of active music listening.’

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