The iPhone May Be Able to Adjust Your Car


iPhone INFINITI Vehicle Controls

A new patent by Apple, “Automatic configuration of self-configurable environments”, will be perfect for those who drive different cars or rent cars on a regular basis. This will allow for the control of certain vehicles through an iPhone. It would save the preferred settings of a vehicle onto the iPhone to be used in any other vehicle you may use. Drivers will no longer need to fuss and change the controls of each vehicle that they drive.

  • as stated in the patent:

“A user could allow their phone to learn configuration preferences from the user’s personal automobile, and when the user visits another automobile, such as when renting a car, or buying a new car, those configuration preferences could be imported into the visited automobile and used to automatically configure the automobile according to the imported preferences. Such preferences could include seat orientation, radio preferences (especially satellite radio), climate control preferences, and minor orientation preferences”

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