Thom Browne Customizes an INFINITI Q50


Thom Browne INFINITI Q50

The fashion designer, Thom Browne, customized an INFINITI Q50 so that it is wrapped in chrome. It was a postscript to Fashion Week in New York and the Frankfurt Motor Show. He ordered several pairs of wingtips painted silver last year for the models in one of his menswear shows.

“It was a joke about mothers and baby shoes,” he said, recounting the custom of mothers dipping their children’s first pairs of shoes in silver or bronze to preserve them. Mr. Browne decided to apply the concept to the Q50 as well.

Custom INFINITI Q50 New Jersey


Inside the car are gleaming silver accessories and Mr. Browne’s trademark red, white and blue ribbon. An old-style luggage set designed to fit in the trunk also matches the tricolor ribbon. The designer also created an equally reflective business card case to go with the car.

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