When do you Really Need an Oil Change?

We have all been there.  You look down at your cars odometer and wonder, “is it time for an oil change?” It is an age old question.  One that is you probably heard answered by many with absolute certainty; “3,000 Miles.”
The truth is that knowing when to change the oil in your car is not an exact science.  It’s different for every car, and for every driver.  It’s critical to understand your engine and its needs, because appropriate oil change intervals are crucial to your engine’s longevity.

Some Things to Consider:   

As a consumer, you should be aware that the type of oil used for your vehicle has a direct influence on how often you need to get your oil changed.  Synthetic oils tend to last longer than conventional oils.  Synthetic oils can sometimes add a few thousand miles between changes.  However, before you run out and grab the first bottle of synthetic oil you find on the shelf, you should consider a couple of points.

  1. One, synthetic oil is more expensive.
  2. Synthetic oil is not beneficial to all engines.  It tends to be used in newer engines rather than older ones.  To be certain which oil your car requires, refer to your owner’s manual.

In addition, the way you approach driving plays a major role in how often you change your oil. It’s not just how many miles you rack up; it’s about the way you drive. Consider the following:

  • Frequent stop and go traffic tends to eat up the oil life. This is something to acknowledge for city drivers or those who sit in traffic during work commutes.
  • Does your job require you to haul things?  Do you work in landscaping or construction?  Hauling stresses out the engine, and frequent hauling will forward the need for an oil change.
  • If you often drive ten miles or less, it’s recommended you change your oil once a year.  Oil is designed to work best after it’s fully warmed up and frequent low mileage prevents it from doing so.

Owner’s Manual

Go ahead…dare to dig through your glove-box, past the outdated breath mints and fast food ketchup packets, and take out the owner’s manual.  It will be your best friend during this process.  Inside the owner’s manual will be the manufacturer’s recommended mileage between oil changes, which can range anywhere from 3,000 to around 15,000 miles.  It will also inform you on which type of oil works best for your specific model.

Final Thoughts

When to change your oil is simply subjective.  Every car and every driver are different.  Take the time learn about your engine’s specific needs in accordance with your driving style.  It will save you money and extend the life of your engine.

Need Additional Help?

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