Preparing Your Car’s Exterior for Winter


With the temperature getting lower on a seemingly daily basis, it is time to start thinking about preparing for another classic Northeast winter. In addition to getting your home ready for the coming frigid months, car detailing and winterzing is also very important – especially if you own a luxury vehicle such as an Infiniti. These are some general tips for readying your car’s exterior for the inevitable glacial weather soon to come to New Jersey.

Protecting Your Car’s Paint from Road Salt and Other Elements

Generally, when one thinks about winter in northern New Jersey, a few things come to mind: snow, ice and frigid temperatures are usually the most common elements associated with the season. However, for drivers who have experience owning a car in the area, the season also brings another element, which can also be an enemy to a vehicle’s exterior: road salt.

How to Prepare your Car for WinterTrue, road salt is a nice municipal courtesy that helps make otherwise slippery, hostile streets safer for driving. However, road salt can also have a deleterious effect on your car’s exterior, namely the paint. One of the most effective things you can do to protect your vehicle from the consequences of road salt and winter driving in general is a high-quality wax or, even better for winter car detailing, an acrylic based car sealant. Acrylic-based sealant dries quickly and is exceptionally durable and protective. In addition to preventative winter car detailing, regular washing will help protect car’s exterior and undercarriage from road salt damage.

Protect Your Tires and Wheels on Winter Roads

Obviously your vehicle’s tires and wheels will be getting exceptionally up close and personal with the wintry roads of MorrisCounty and the surrounding area, and deserve some extra attention during the process of winter car detailing. For tires, a silicone based tire dressing is a good place to begin preparing your wheels for the rigors of winter driving. For the wheels themselves, you will not do better than a nano-glass ceramic coating, which is simple to apply, but will provide long-term protection for your wheels during the winter and beyond. This type of coating will keep your wheels not only functional, but also looking great – which is a noteworthy consideration with a stunning luxury vehicle. Tires also need to be well-inflated for safe winter driving, so regular monitoring of tire pressure is crucial as always.

Protect your Windshield from the Weather

Your windshield protects your car’s interior, as well as you and your passengers, during travel. During the winter, your windshield does benefit from some protective measures in turn. An antifreeze additive to your windshield wiper fluid will go a long way towards defending your windshield from ice and frost in addition to keeping it clear and pristine in general. Investing in a deicing spray will prevent the necessity for scraping your windshield if you are planning to keep your vehicle outside during the winter. Of course, an appropriate car cover will accomplish the same thing and more.

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