4 Indicators Showing You Need New Tires For Your INFINITI

June 21st, 2019 by

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Your car’s tires are so important because they help control how your car drives on the road. And if you get a flat, then you can’t drive at all.

Some flats are sudden because of an object on the road like a nail, but many others can be prevented since it’s caused by wear and tear. You’ll be able to notice some things that will make you say “I need a new tire!”

But others might not be so visible to you, but you can feel that something isn’t exactly right when driving on the roads around your neighborhood or when commuting whether you use the Turnpike, Parkway, 80 or 287. So let’s go into detail about how to know when you need a tire repair or a new one entirely.

Signs You Need a Tire Service or Replacement

1. Visible Wear & Tear: This one is the most obvious since you can visually see that something is off about one or more of your tires. Things to look for include cracks, cuts, scrapes, blisters and bulges since they can lead to a blowout down the road.

2. Lack of Air: Your tire pressure changes because of the weather and just from driving. Another cause is an issue in one of your tires, which won’t go away since it keeps deflating. If you find it’s a one-time thing, consult your owner’s manual to see what tire pressure is ideal for your vehicle.

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3. The Penny Test: If you’ve never heard of the penny test, it’s a DIY way to check a tire’s treads. The gist is if you stick a penny into a tread Lincoln head first and the head is still showing, the means you’re treads are worn and you increase the likelihood you’ll hydroplane in rainy, snowy or icy conditions.

4. Bad Vibrations: The road you’re driving on isn’t bumpy, but you still feel your car vibrating. It could be a number of issues, but one of them is that one or more of your tires are severely worn down. It could lead to a blowout if it’s the tire and something more significant if it’s not, so getting an inspection is a good idea.

Salerno Duane INFINITI is here to make sure your INFINITI tires and other car parts are working in peak condition. If you need any type of maintenance or repair work done on your INFINITI, contact us to set up an appointment.

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