What You Need To Know About INFINITI SignatureFLEX Lease and Its Benefits

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Now You Can Choose Your Luxury Vehicle’s Lease Mileage.

Salerno Duane INFINITI SignatureFLEX lease

The INFINITI brand is committed to enhancing the client experience, and this new program is another step in building this mantra. The INFINITI SignatureFLEX Lease Program allows you to choose the miles for your next INFINITI lease – available on all new leases and on all INFINITI vehicles and lease terms, including the ultra-low-mileage, 5,000-mile/36-month lease. If your driving needs could benefit from a leasing program that gives you the convenience and flexibility to pick your mileage, the SignatureFLEX Lease program is for you!

“SignatureFLEX is the latest example of how we are tailoring the INFINITI experience to offer unprecedented convenience and flexibility to our clients,” said Craig Keeys, Group Vice President at INFINITI Americas. “Alongside INFINITI Premium Care and our MyINFINITI app, SignatureFLEX helps elevate the INFINITI ownership experience, allowing owners to enjoy their vehicle without additional worry about lease mileage limits.”

Salerno Duane INFINITI of Denville can help explain the INFINITI SignatureFLEX Lease Program and if it could benefit you. Contact us to learn more.

INFINITI SignatureFLEX Lease Explained

INFINITI SignatureFLEX Lease Explained:

Did you know that all-new INFINITI leases that began on or after March 1, 2023, can add miles at a discounted rate?

SignatureFLEX Lease is a unique new service provided by INFINITI Financial Services (IFS) where, for the first time, you can add more miles to your lease. SignatureFLEX allows you to have a lease that accommodates your personal driving requirements and lifestyle. Not every household requires the same amount of lease miles to meet their needs. Another first for INFINITI, IFS uses data obtained from INFINITI InTouchTM Services, giving you individualized messages informing you of the initial mileage term.

With SignatureFLEX, new lessees can increase their mileage at the onset and throughout their lease agreement which comes in handy when you’re nearing the end of the lease or about to exceed the allotted miles.

Add extra miles through MyINFINITI app.

How Lessees Can Request More Miles.

INFINITI lessees have the option to purchase additional miles whenever it’s convenient through the IFS client site or utilize the convenience of the all-new MyINFINITI app. While unused miles cannot be refunded, customers can choose to purchase an unlimited number of miles.In order to qualify, customers must get miles more than 30 days before the lease ends with their account being in good standing. Lessees can buy a daily maximum of $20 of extra mileage and up to $2,000 daily in mileage and purchase in $5 increments.

SignatureFLEX VS. Paying Over Mileage Fees When Your Lease Expires

If you’re wondering how the INFINITI SignatureFLEX compares to paying overage fees for miles over allotted when your lease ends, in contrast to paying a mileage fee of $0.25 per mile upon lease end, the cost of additional miles is less. If you lease your luxury INFINITI vehicle under the conditions of a SignatureFLEX lease, you pay just $0.10 per mile. Extra mile purchases are separate transactions so your vehicle’s residual value is unaffected – and doesn’t affect your monthly payment either!

SignatureFLEX VS. Paying Over Mileage Fees

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Want more details? Salerno Duane INFINITI of Denville is happy to share more information about the SignatureFLEX lease. Find out how luxury car drivers in the Morris County, NJ area, can lease an INFINITI vehicle with a SignatureFLEX lease. Check out our lease specials, then contact our finance department for more information on INFINITI leasing.

When it comes to leasing a vehicle, you have more control than ever before and the SignatureFlex INFINITI lease program puts you in control. Contact us today. Our team at Salerno Duane INFINITI is ready to get you started!

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