INFINITI End of Lease Information

You may be wondering what your options are as your near the end of your lease.

First Step: Schedule your complimentary lease evaluation

INFINITI of Denville recommends scheduling your complimentary lease evaluation about 6-12 months prior to lease expiration.

Our expert leasing consultants will assist and guide you so you are well informed and prepared to make the best decision prior to lease termination. These appointments typically take no more than 30 minutes and can save you a great deal of time and money in the following months. Call us today at (973) 361-6700!

Lease End Options:

  1. Lease a New INFINITI
  2. Buy your current INFINITI vehicle
  3. Return your INFINITI lease (Please see lease return process below)

Lease Return Process:

Lease Returns are done by appointment only on the following days and times:

Monday - Friday

Between the hours of 10:00am – 7:00pm

Your Pre-Inspection Sheet is required at the time of lease return.

We appreciate your business & we value your time!

Please be aware, in light of high lease return volume, there may be wait times up to 30 minutes.

INFINITI USA Lease Inspection Process:

  1. Before your vehicle's return date, contact the Alliance Inspection Management Center (AIM) at 800.253.9026 or visit to schedule a complimentary, but required, vehicle inspection.
    This inspection takes approximately 30 minutes, and can be done at your home, or your place of business. It will be performed using a laptop computer, and the results will be printed immediately after the inspection. The inspector will review the report with you and address your questions. You will be given a copy of the condition report. A second copy will be left in your vehicle, and should remain in the vehicle until the time of return. Should your vehicle's condition change prior to its return due to repairs or additional damage, another inspection will be necessary. To schedule your re-inspection, please call the INFINITI Lease Customer Network.
  2. Prior to your lease maturity date, call your INFINITI Dealer for an appointment to return your vehicle.
  3. Complete a Federal Odometer/Lease Termination Statement at your INFINITI dealership.
  4. Sign and date the Vehicle Condition Report, which will be completed by the Dealer. This report compares the current condition of your vehicle to that of the original inspection report to ensure that nothing has changed.
  5. Call the INFINITI Lease Customer Network to report the return of the vehicle to an authorized INFINITI Dealer.

To learn more about the vehicle inspection process, to see examples of Normal and Excess Wear and Use, or to view Lease Return FAQs please visit:

*Lease contracts dated on/after January 6, 2009 are subject to a disposition fee at time of contract termination, if applicable


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